An Appeal from Kerala Section to the World

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Dear IEEE members,

An Appeal from Kerala Section to the World!


Kerala State in India had one of the worst floods in History last month. You must have seen and heard about it on TV. About 370 people have died and 33,000 people have been rescued. Over 3,274 relief camps have been opened at various locations to accommodate the flood victims. It is estimated that 1.2 million people had found shelter in such camps. The flooding has affected hundreds of villages, destroyed an estimated 10,000 km (6,200 mi) of roads and thousands of homes have been damaged or destroyed. Most of the households had their electricity cut and electrical wiring rendered useless.


Kerala Section, which is known in IEEE for its generous humanitarian work was hit by a humanitarian disaster. The IEEE Kerala Section volunteers got active and were in the field for disaster relief. The IEEE members, especially the students rallied around the people and started work on disaster management doing various important functions including creating and managing a disaster management website, which soon became the official Government website for managing the flood, rescuing people, assembling and distributing power bricks and more.


We are now in the phase of rebuilding. One of the ways, the Section has started helping assisting the weaker sections of society is in helping homes reconnect to the grid. As most of the wiring in the houses have become damp and prone to electric short-circuit they cannot be used and will have to be re-wired. The Section has come up with a unique way to quickly reconnect the houses. We have started providing Electrical Distribution Boards with an ELCB, MCB, plug-sockets and a light. These boards have been approved by the Electricity Authority and the underserved people are now quickly getting reconnected back to the grid. These boards are being wired in the labs by students from the components purchased by the IEEE Kerala Section.


We plan to distribute Board Worth about USD 20,000. We would like to appeal to donate any amount that will help us. In order to give more confidence to the donors, we had requested IEEE Foundation to manage the fund donation. No money collected will be used for any other purpose other than the purchase of components. The assembling, transportation and reconnection are being done by IEEE and other volunteers at their own cost.


We would like to appeal to you to donate directly at the IEEE Foundation Web-Site Any amount will be gratefully received.


With Thanks in Advance,


SM Sameer

IEEE Kerala Section Chair

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