Call for Interns: Internship Program 2017-2018

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IEEE Kerala Section invites applications from students for a one-year internship program. Selected interns will get an opportunity to work with the Section Electronic Communications Team and work combined towards ascending forth the complete Communication Channels of the Section. 

Getting an exposure to the industry, with deadline oriented projects, in your present days as a student will definitely do wonders and help you go a long way in setting up the foundation strong. It will be an opportunity for you to acquire skills, complete internship and undergo training in your fields of expertise, and thus prepare you better for an illustrious career ahead.

Applications are invited for the following roles :

  1. Content Writer

Excellent verbal and written communication skills are mandatory.

  1. Graphic Designer

Knowledge on design and creative services.

  1. Web Developer

Knowledge in HTML, JS & CSS expected. Exposure to CMS like WordPress is an added advantage.

The program is open to 2nd and 3rd year students only.



Deadline: 11:59 PM, 9 September 2017

If you have doubts/queries feel free to contact, Abey Easow Joseph (  / Shahul Hameed (



  1. What is the duration of the Internship and the venue?

Ans. Duration is for one year, until September 2018. Except for the first Workshop and timely Meetups (preferably on weekends), all projects would be discussed and completed online. Physical presence is not needed.

  1. Will all applicants be selected into the program?

Ans. No. Only selected applicants who have submitted details relevant enough to strengthen their selection, and those who have shown a minimum level of aptitude in their field of interest, would be selected. You are urged to submit relevant examples of your work to strengthen your application.

  1. Do I need to be an expert in all 3 domains to apply?

Ans. Certainly not. We need applicants who have expertise in a single field of interest. This program is about developing Kings & Queens, and not Jack of all trades.

  1. What sort of time commitment is expected of me?

Ans. You certainly wouldn’t be provided any project works during examinations, but we do expect a minimum time commitment of 20-30 hrs a month. Also, please do not expect to be spoon-fed. You’ll be provided with basic details about everything and would be expected to do the rest of the research/work by self, or peer support from your fellow interns.

  1. Can I drop out of the Internship Program mid-way?

Ans. If you have even an iota of doubt that this would happen, we strongly recommend you not to apply at all. Sense of responsibility is a trait we take seriously.

  1. What benefit do I get, as a student, out of this internship program?

Ans. The Content Writers, Graphic Designers and Web Developers will be given an opportunity to work with the Section Electronic Communications Team and work combined towards ascending forth the complete Communication Channels of the Section.

  1. Is there any fee for the Internship Program?

Ans. No, no fee is being levied.

  1. What other benefits can I expect out of this Internship program?

Ans. The primary benefit is the Internship Program itself. Though we’ll sure try to bring in additional good-stuff for you.

  1. What will I learn if I intern as a Content Writer?

Ans. You’ll be taught the various types of documentation techniques and best practices, and would be given deadline based Content Writing projects for various Programs/Initiatives of IEEE Kerala Section, including but not restricted to – Conference Reporting, Website Content, Event Reports, Proposal Design, Social Media Content etc.

  1. What will I learn if I intern as a Graphic Designer?

Ans. For this, you are first expected to be familiar with the basic design tools – Photoshop, Illustrator etc. You’ll be taught to work on a time-based project basis, along with learning various practical nuances of Brand Design, IEEE Brand Guidelines, Colour Theory, Minimalist etc.

  1. What will I learn if I intern as a Web Developer?

Ans. For this, you are first expected to have a basic understanding of how a website works and be familiar with the basics of HTML, JS, and CSS. You will be taught to work on websites using CMS like WordPress, working with its rich base of plugins, improving the search engine visibility etc.

  1. How do I complete the Internship program successfully?

Ans. Just because you stick with the Team for a period of 6 months does not guarantee your completion of the Internship. Each intern will be evaluated on a monthly basis on a point-to-point system. Only the ones who have secured the minimum average point will be deemed to have completed the Internship program.

  1. Who will be the issuing authority certifying the completion of the Internship?

Ans. Upon successful completion of the Internship program, you’ll be provided with a Certificate of Completion of Internship from IEEE Kerala Section, signed by the Section Chair himself.