Geospatial Startups – Academia: Opportunities and Challenges

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Geospatial technologies have traditionally been perceived as a distinct discipline compared to the software industry in India. Turning for a better, demands and developments in the last decade have seen the blurring of the boundaries between common IT and geospatial industries leading their amalgamation as standard IT products and services. The evolution of Cloud, Smart Mobile, IoT, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Drones etc. have radically changed the landscape of geospatial products and applications. Thanks to the wider reach and affordability of technology platforms and commercial viability, the present generation of young and experienced geospatial professionals no longer consider corporate employment as the best career choice; rather launch their own. The entry-level geospatial corporate ecosystem has caught with launches of hundreds of start-ups with core or a major focus on geospatial technologies. Indian geospatial industry has been transforming with the start-up ecosystem leading the growth of the overall industry outlook. A substantial number of these start-ups are launched by youngsters who have no formal degree or experience in geospatial technology.
This virtual pair of conferences is aimed at discussing the opportunities and challenges in geospatial start-ups and career suggestions for Indian graduates and working professionals. To catalyse thorough interactions while conforming to the limits of healthy online screen time per day, the event will be held as two distinct but joint conferences. Expert thematic talks form the core of the event.

Event 1: Geospatial start-ups – Academia: Seeding, Nurturing and Growing (11th September 2020)
Event 2: Network and Training- Geospatial start-ups, Students and Freelancers (25th September 2020)

Virtual Conference Details

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