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IE, IA &PEL Societies Chapter

IEEE IA/IE/PELS Jt. Chapter Kerala, the only Joint chapter in IEEE Kerala Section is now one of the most vibrant and active Society chapters. Industry Applications Society (IAS), Industrial Electronics Society (IES) and Power Electronics Society (PELS) are the constituents of the joint chapter.

About Us
The Joint Chapter was established in 2008. After 10 years, with the new Office bearers IAS has got the largest number of members. As on Sept. 23rd 2018, the Jt. Chapter had 875 members including 109 senior level members, 55 Graduate Student Members & 694 student members. Power Electronics Society has 315 members (12.06% in R10) out of which 237 (9.15% in R10) are student members.

As on 4th Dec 2019, the Joint Chapter has 1381 members including 183 senior level members, 7 associate members, 42 GSM & 1149 student members. IAS has 1288 members including 139 professional members & 1108 student members. PELS has 809 members including 115 professional members & 691 student members. IES with 41 members. The membership growth in 2018 and 2019 was very remarkable.

As on 26th Sept 2021, the Joint Chapter has 3193 members including 2904 student members, 63 graduate student members, 149 members, 63 senior members, 10 associate members, 1 affiliate members and 3 life senior members.
,br> From the membership count details, it’s clear that IA/IE/PELS Jt. Chapter, Kerala Section, is growing IA/IE/PELS Jt. Chapter Kerala is the largest joint chapter in the world in terms of number of student branch chapters, and the numbers of members.



Execom 2021

Dr. Bijuna Kunju K


Dr Vasanthi V

Vice Chair

Mr. Prabin James

Student Branches

Highlighted Events

The events are carefully designed to bring out the best in the attendees and deliver maximum benefit to them.




Hack4Humanity is an IEEE HAC funded competition organized by IA/IE/PELS Jt. Chapter Kerala where individual participants are required to find a solution to the given problem statement within a limited period of time. The problem statements consist of questions based on the SDGs. Each problem statement will be provided on individual days and the best solution will be selected for the next phase. Life

Contact Details

Name: Dr. Bijuna Kunju K

Email Id: