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Life Members

IEEE “Life” status is automatically bestowed based on age and years of membership. IEEE Life membership (LM) is proof of a strong sustained commitment to the profession.

About Us
An IEEE Life Members Affinity Group (LMAG) is a local unit of an IEEE Section/Council, constituted by IEEE members who have obtained Life Member status, established by petition, and concerned to represent and fulfill the needs of the local IEEE Life members.
LMAGs can help to enable Life Members to retain active IEEE associations, contribute to the social good in their communities, advance IEEE´s professional interests and enjoy each other's company. The IEEE Life Members Committee believes that keeping Life Members active and engaged is a key component to the success of the IEEE in local IEEE activities

Execom 2021

Mr. Korothu P Varghese


Mr. S Gopakumar

Vice Chair

Other Programs

Children’s Science Congress

Children’s Science Congress was organised in connection with the International Year of Light (IYL) celebrations at Cochin University of Science &Technology, Kochi, by LMAG Kerala Section jointly with KSSP, IEEE Kerala Section and Kochi Sub-Section from 5 – 7 April 2016. Prof V.K. Damodaran, LSM was the Chief Coordinator of the project. In the final phase of the project 146 school students and 28 teacher guides participated in the Photonics Science & Technology Projects.


Wikipedia Malayalam Contributors’ Training Workshop

A Workshop was organised on 4 – 5 May 2016 by LMAG Kerala Section jointly with Vakkom Moulavi Foundation Trust, an NGO based in Trivandrum for training contributors to Wikipedia in the local language, Malayalam. This program was coordinated by LMAG leaders V.K. Damodaran, A.G. Hareendralal and A. Suhair.

“Why Not?” – Humanitarian Technology Workshop

A 10 day residential camp was organised from 16 – 25 April 2016 for visually challenged students to appreciate science & technology related higher studies – Use of computers, DAISY & E-pub platforms, excelling in science without eye sight. This program was led by Kerala Section LMAG, SIGHT and the NGO by name Chakshumathi at the Mar Baselios Renewal Centre under the leadership of Prof. V. K. Damodaran.


Shastra Vismaya (Wonders of Science) – Social Justice Workshop

Shastra Vismaya Project (Wonders of Science) held at Agali, Palakkad district on 12 June 2016 is a unique initiative of Kerala Section to attract socially disadvantaged children under the age group 10 to 15 years towards study of science and technology. The program was conceived and implemented by the Women in Engineering (WIE) affinity group, guided by the Section’s Life Member Affinity Group with the active involvement of the Young Professionals and SIGHT Affinity groups and in collaboration with the Department of Social Justice, Govt. of Kerala,. Volunteers from many IEEE student branches took part in this project. Sixty children participated in the project.

Technical Excursion

A family of 5 LMAG members participated in a Family Technical Excursion to Liquid Propulsion System Centre (LPSC), Valiyamala on 1 July 2016. LPSC is a Division of ISRO conducting state of the art research in the field of liquid propulsion technology for space vehicles.

Family Night-Out Program

Five Life Members of LMAG Kerala Section participated in a Family Night-Out program in Poovar Island Resort, Trivandrum on 11 Oct 2016. It was a unique experience for the members and their family – another opportunity of the family members to familiarise with the IEEE activities.

Workshop for Counselling Handicapped Children

A Workshop was organised on 23 October 2016 for counselling handicapped children and their parents about technologies to assist them and what all courses of study are suitable for them by Kerala Section with YPs and SIGHT members leading the activity.

Volunteer Training Program

LMAG Kerala organized a one-day Volunteer Leadership Training Workshop for the Young Professionals and WIE members of Kerala Section on Sunday, 30 Oct 2016, at Vidya Academy of Science and Technology (VAST), Thrissur.

Kerala LMAG AGM (Annual General Meeting – with spouses)

The AGM for 2016 was held on 31. 12. 2016 at the Uthradam Towers, Gas House Road, Trivandrum to review the LMAG activities of 2016 and to chalk out programs for the coming year as well as to identify those who will lead Kerala LMAG in 2017.

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Mr. Korothu P Varghese

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Mr. S Gopakumar

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