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RFID turns out to be a key for humanity.As the technology develops ,the interest of people gradually increases which demands a team to engage with.There rise the RFID council is to work for aspiring minds with true passion for RFID technology.

About Us
In June 2015, the IEEE recognized the Council on RFID, which had been the IEEE Technical Committee on RFID.The very new leadership team of RFID council Kerala Section with its members assure to be an active and vibrant group with dedicated and technical enthusiasts.RFID council aims at providing quality events and workshops.Membership status and coordination of volunteers are ensured throughout.All members of RFID are guaranteed with benefits which ultimately leads to an organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. The purpose of the council is to advance and coordinate the work in the field of radio frequency identification carried throughout the IEEE and as such is scientific ,scholarly, and educational in character. According to the count of the year 2020 september, there are 10500 members in RFID council.



Execom 2023

Dr. Manoj B S


Abraham George

Vice Chair

Hadi Abdulla N


Highlighted Events

The events are carefully designed to bring out the best in the attendees and deliver maximum benefit to them.


To increase awareness on RFID membership, its perks and the opportunities available, IEEE RFID council Kerala Chapter in association with IEEE LINK conducted a membership development session virtually on 28th May ,2021 from 7:00PM-7:30PM.
IEEE RFID Council Kerala Chapter in collaboration with IEEE LINK as part of Techsortium conducted  Embedded Challenge 2.0. The top performing teams in the Embedded Challenge got direct entry to the National RFID Challenge where they get a chance to win a cash prize of Rs. 50,000.
National RFID challenge was conducted by IEEE RFID TA in collaboration with CRFID,IEEE YP India council,and IEEE RFID Council Kerala section during the month of September,2021. Considering the current situation of our world ,a project relating to COVID-19 was accepted with strict use of RFID technology.

Contact Details

Name: Dr. Manoj B S

Email ID: