The Society on Social Implications of Technology (SSIT) of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is concerned with how technology impacts the world, and with how the application of technology can improve the world. The Society focuses on issues such as: humanitarian engineering; environmental issues including climate change, green technologies, and sustainable design; privacy and security; other economic, health, and safety implications of technology; engineering ethics and professional responsibility; engineering education including k-12 and engineering education in social implications of technology; history of technology; public policy related to engineering, technology and science; health and healthcare technologies and impact; reliable energy and social issues related to energy, and social issues of information technology and telecommunications.

SSIT Chapter in Kerala was formed in the year 2013, the SSIT Kerala chapter hosted the 2016 version of the prestigious annual conference, International Symposium on Technology and Society (ISTAS 2017) at Trivandrum, Kerala –

The details of SSIT execom:

Chair: Amarnath Raja
Secretary: Ranjit R Nair

Chair: Satish Babu
Secretary: Ranjit R Nair

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