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IEEE Professional Activities Committee, in association with IEEE Kerala Section, organised an event named ‘Volunteer Induction Programme (VIP), For Execom Members: Phase 1’ on 6th and 7th February 2021 from 07:00 to 09:00 PM. The event was designed to introduce the newly appointed office bearers to the structure and operations of IEEE, and IEEE Kerala Section, to enable them to execute their roles efficiently and thereby bring great laurels to the Section.

Day 1

The first day of the programme commenced with an introduction by Prof. Sunitha Beevi, Chair, Professional Activities. She explained briefly about the structure of the programme and welcomed the Section leads, life members and the office bearers who joined the event. Her introduction was followed by a motivational address by Ms. Sarada Jayakrishnan, Chair, IEEE Kerala Section. Ms. Sarada gave a brief idea about what Kerala Section stands for and aims at, what IEEE’s plans are for the next 5 years, and about their most prestigious initiatives. She concluded her address by wishing the office bearers a fruitful year, and gave them a note of inspiration to execute their roles with zeal. The next part of the event was handled by Mr. Unnikrishnan, Past Chair, IEEE Kerala Section. He began his presentation by paying respects to the leaders who initiated an independent OU that is Kerala Section, and describing the evolution of the Section through the years. He went on to explain in detail, how Kerala Section stands apart in the Region through the impacts it has made and the ecosystem of various organizations within the section. He concluded his part by talking about the Section’s future plans ahead.


Up next was a session about the structure of IEEE Kerala Section, handled by Dr. S M Sameer, Immediate Past Chair, IEEE Kerala Section and Secretary, R10. He described the membership statistics of Kerala Section, the general structure of the Section and all its constituent bodies such as the Student Branches, Society Chapters, Affinity Groups and much more in detail. The final session for the day was handled by Dr. Mini Ullanat, Chair, Educational Activities, IEEE Kerala Section, and Prof. Nandan S, Chair, IEEE Young Professionals Kerala Section. They presented the geographic unit structure of a Section, its organizational governance, and the guidelines to follow for the smooth functioning of an OU. Prof. Nandan explained the workings of the Section management, nomination committees, constituent chapters, and the roles of various office bearers. The session concluded with Dr. Mini explaining about IEEE MGA Volunteer Leadership Training (VoLT) programme. VoLT is a 14-week online training programme that gives an overview of the MGA, IEEE conferences, the Standards Association, ByLaws and much more. She strongly recommended the office bearers to sign up for the programme to  shape themselves into resourceful leaders in IEEE.


Ultimately, the first day of Volunteer Induction Programme was a very informative one, and succeeded in familiarising the participant office bearers with the nuances of IEEE Kerala Section. The event motivated the attendees to give their best to their assigned roles and truly find, ‘the joy of volunteering’.

Day 2


The second day of Phase 1 started with Prof. Sunitha Beevi’s introduction of the speakers, and a brief description about the sessions planned for the day. The first session of the day was handled by Mr. A K Suhair, Chair, IEEE PES Kerala Chapter. He gave a brief overview of IEEE as a global organization. He went into detail about the origins and evolution of IEEE right from the founding fathers, Norvin Green, Nikola Tesla, Alexander Graham Bell and others, to the current influence of IEEE in the modern technical world. The next session was about the organisation structure of IEEE, handled by Mr. Amarnath Raja, Past Chair, IEEE Kerala Section. He explained about the typical hierarchy of office bearers in an IEEE organisational unit. He also described the geographical structuring of IEEE including the different regions, sections and subsections and the various committees and boards governed by IEEE.


The succeeding session discussed in detail about the IEEE Code of Ethics, Norms and Guidelines, handled by Prof. V K Damodaran, Past Chair, IEEE Kerala Section. He elaborated the importance of following a professional code of conduct to avoid engineering failures, and why every IEEE member is sworn by oath to uphold the code of ethics. He also talked about the standards and guidelines an office bearer should keep in mind to excel in their role. The final session of Phase 1 was handled by Mr. Satish Babu, Past Chair, IEEE Kerala Section, about various IEEE Etiquettes, Conflicts of Interest and Norms. He listed out various scenarios and cases where ethics and etiquettes should guide a professional. He also introduced the office bearers to the IEEE’s list of conflicts of interest, and what to do when presented with such a scenario.


With the second day, Phase 1 of Volunteer Induction Programme For Execom Members was concluded. The newly appointed office bearers had much to learn and take away from the two days of the event, and it was an absolute success in conduction.

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