Women In Engineering, largest international professional organization dedicated to promoting women engineers and scientists and inspiring girls around the world to follow their academic interests to a career engineering, now stands at the top most position, for which each one of you being part of it, can be proud of.

Kerala Section WIE affinity group has always been an active and vibrant group with passionate volunteers, summing to around 700. Membership status and quality of programs have shown a tremendous hike in the last two years. Apart from the usual chores of WIE Congress and face to face meetings, WIE Star and WIE Week Celebration are also key highlights. Each year is showcased with new initiatives and ideas bringing benefit and development to the society . WIE even promote entrepreneurship activities. As part of it, earlier in 2013, Kerala Section and its Women In Engineering group started an initiative to encourage women in India to launch technology start-ups.

Single entity on earth has no existence. The real strength of a group lies in understanding each other and being co-operative in whatever we do. Having such a group of dedicated volunteers, giving importance to fraternity , there is no arousal of a question “is it possible?”. 2014 will be witnessed as an “event”ful year.

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