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IEEE Kerala Section

IEEE Kerala Section, Initially formed as a Subsection in Feb 1975 under the then India Section. Kerala Subsection became part of Bangalore Section in 1976 upon formation of India Council (20/5/1976), and later, it became a full Section on 18 Nov 1983. Currently with two Sub-Sections (Malabar Subsection (27/6/2010) and Kochi Subsection (25/6/2011))., 17 Society Chapters, 1 Jt. Chapter, 1 Technical Council Chapter, 4 Affinity Groups, SIGHT Group, nearly 100 active Student Branches, 250 + Student Branch Chapters & @15 Standing Committees.

The IEEE Kerala Section, part of the global IEEE community, has been a vibrant and innovative force in fostering technological excellence and professional growth in the region. Known for its dynamic activities and significant contributions to the IEEE community, the Kerala Section has played a crucial role in organizing high-quality technical events and initiatives that have had a lasting impact both locally and globally. The section supports a diverse range of members including young professionals, women in engineering, and life members, and is bolstered by the involvement of 15 Technical Societies that add depth and technical focus to its endeavors.

Genesis & Early Years

Until early 1973, IEEE membership in Kerala was limited to fewer than ten members. The establishment of KELTRON (Kerala State Electronics Development Corporation) in 1973 brought a significant influx of IEEE members to Trivandrum, leading to efforts to form a subsection of the India Section. Despite initial setbacks due to membership renewal issues, a successful petition led to the creation of the Kerala Subsection in early 1974, spearheaded by Mr. M R Sitharaman of KELTRON.

Formation of Kerala Subsection

The inaugural office bearers were:

  • Chairman: Mr. KPP Nambiar
  • Vice Chairman: DS Rane
  • Secretary: RM Vasagam
  • Treasurer: SP Rao

The subsection quickly became active, hosting regular technical meetings and significant events, such as the visit of Dr. Harold Chestnut, the then immediate Past President of IEEE, in its first year. The Kerala Subsection also hosted the Annual Convention and Exhibition (ACE) of the India Section in 1980, which was attended by IEEE President Dr. Leo Young.

Formation of Kerala Subsection

The first petition to convert the subsection into a full section was made in 1981 but faced delays. After two more attempts, the application was forwarded by Dr. IG Sarma, Chairman of the Bangalore Section, and the IEEE Kerala Section was officially approved in 1983. The founding office bearers of the section were:

  • Chairman: KPP Nambiar
  • Vice Chairman: DS Rane
  • Secretary: NT Nair
  • Treasurer: AA Suhair

Achievements & Innovations

From its inception, the IEEE Kerala Section has been recognized for its innovative activities. It has organized numerous high-impact technical events, including international conferences. Notable initiatives originating from the Kerala Section include the Humanitarian Technology initiative (leading to the formation of SIGHT), the first IEEE Job Fair for Undergraduate Students, and the formation of LINK (Local Integrated Network of Kerala), a framework connecting all Student branches in the Section, which has been globally replicated. The concept of “Joy of Volunteering” also traces its roots to the Kerala Section.

The section’s pioneering spirit is supported by various affinity groups such as Young Professionals, Women in Engineering (WIE), and Life Members, which form the backbone of its major activities. The involvement of 15 Technical Societies adds technical depth and focus to the community’s endeavors.