Operation manual-IEEE Kerala Section

IEEE Kerala Secton  

Local Operatons Manual  

  1. Organizatonal Units under IEEE Kerala Secton 
  • Each sub-OU shall conduct its actvites within the IEEE Consttuton, IEEE Bylaws, IEEE  Polices, MGA Operatons Manual, and other rules externally imposed, which by law  affect the membership and actvites of IEEE. 


  1. Malabar Subsecton 
  2. Kochi Subsecton 

Technical Society/ Council Chapters 

  1. Antennas & Propagaton Society (APS)  
  2. Circuits & Systems Society (CASS)  
  3. Communicatons Society (ComSoc)  
  4. Computatonal Intelligence Society (CIS) 
  5. Computer Society (CS)  
  6. Control Systems Society (CSS) 
  7. Educaton Society (EdSoc)  
  8. Engineering In Medicine & Biology Society (EMBS) 
  9. Geoscience & Remote Sensing Society (GRSS) 
  10. IA / IE / PEL Jt. Chapter 
  11. Microwave Theory & Techniques Society (MTTS) 
  12. Photonics Society (Pho) 
  13. Power & Energy Society (PES) 
  14. Robotcs & Automaton Society (RAS) 
  15. Council On RFiD  
  16. Signal Processing Society (SPS) 
  17. Solid-State Circuits Society (SSCS) 
  18. Society On Social Implicatons of Technology (SSIT) 
  19. Vehicular Technology Society (VTS) 

Affinity Groups  

  1. Consultant Network AG 
  2. Life Member AG 
  3. Women in Engineering AG 
  4. Young Professionals AG 

Standing Commitees 

  1. Awards and Recognitons  
  2. Career & Start-up  
  3. Conference Actvites  
  4. Educatonal Actvites  
  5. Governmental Relatons 
  6. Grievance Redressal  
  7. History Commitee 
  8. Industry Relatons  
  9. Informaton Management 

10.Inter-Society Actvites 

11.Membership Development  

12.New Initatves 

13.Nominatons and Appointments  

14.Professional Actvites 

15.Promoton of Innovaton and Entrepreneurship  


17.Public Visibility 


19.Strategic Initatves (Academia) 

20.Strategic Initatves (Industry) 

21.Student Actvites  

22.Website Coordinaton 

Standing Commitees will preferably have members from all Subsectons under the Secton. 

Student Branches and Student Branch Chapters 

Approved Student Branches and Student Branch Chapters in different insttutons/universites within the geographic boundaries of IEEE Kerala Secton. 

  1. vTools Officer & Event Reportng 

Officer-reportng & Event Reportng for all OUs shall be completed in a tmely manner using  electronic reportng tools provided by MGA. 

  1. Financial Guidelines  
  2. Payment Setlement: 
  • All reimbursement requests must be submited preferably within a month from the date of the  event. However, in exceptonal cases, requests may be considered up to two months following the  event. 
  • All payments related to actvites in a calendar year must be setled in the same year itself. 
  • Verificaton and recommendaton by the Society Chapter/AG/Standing Commitee Chair are  required. 
  1. Billing Informaton: 
  • Bills submited for reimbursement should be addressed to or in the name of IEEE Kerala Secton. 3. Payment Handling:
  • Payments for bills should be directly made to the vendor, except for small amounts. Bills exceeding Rs. 5000/- should not be setled from personal accounts. 
  • Advance partal payments to vendors should be planned well in advance of events. 
  1. Maximum Transfer Limit to Personal account: 
  • The maximum advance amount transferable to personal accounts is capped at Rs. 15,000/-. 
  1. Reimbursement Without Bills: 
  • For local TA or miscellaneous expenses without bills, submit a signed self-declaraton. The maximum amount using self-declaraton is limited to Rs. 500/-. 
  • Claims above Rs. 500/- require valid bills/tckets. 
  1. Fund Transfers to Student Branches: 
  • Fund transfers to student branches require: 
  • Fund release request form & Advance receipt on college/SB leterhead, signed by the Branch  Counselor and SB Chapter Advisor (when applicable). 
  • Fund Approval email from IEEE Headquarters (as a pdf document). 
  1. Advance Receipt for Prize Distributon: 
  • For the distributon of prize money, it is mandatory to collect an advance receipt from all the prize  winners. For template, contact secton office. 
  1. TDS for Payments above Rs. 30,000/-: 
  • TDS will be deducted and paid from the Secton for single payments exceeding Rs. 30,000/-. Collect and share the PAN number of the end beneficiary well in advance for such cases. 
  1. Setlement of Advance Payments: 
  • Advance payments should be setled within one month from the date of the claim. 
  1. GST Documentaton: 
  • Collect GST bills from vendors whenever possible, partcularly for payments involving large  amounts. 
  • Exceptons for genuine cases may be considered; contact the Secton office for clarificaton. 
  1. Fund Allocaton and Carry Over: 
  • Fund allocated to Society Chapters / AG Chapters / Standing commitees are meant for the  actvites of the year. 
  • Carry over funds available, if any, will be debited first and then the Secton allotment towards  expenses. 
  • Balance of Secton allotment, if any, will not be carried forward to the next year. 
  1. Event Budget Notficaton: 
  • Major events and events with a budget exceeding Rs. 50,000 should be informed to Secton  leadership well in advance.
  1. Nominatons and Appointments 

The IEEE Kerala Secton Nominatons and Appointments (N&A) Commitee will help to identfy  nominees to different positons of IEEE Kerala Secton and its sub-Organisatonal units (Subsecton/  Technical societes/ Affinity Groups/ Council chapters). The Commitee will also review the suitability  of the candidates. 

  1. Scope 
  2. The Kerala Secton Nominatons and Appointments Commitee shall be responsible for the  nominatons process for the positons of Office bearers of IEEE Kerala Secton and its sub-OUs. 
  3. The Commitee shall be responsible for preparing a list of potental candidates to be considered  by other IEEE Commitees in the India Council, Regional and Global levels. 

iii. The Commitee will also have scope to advise the Kerala Secton Chair on various issues referred  from tme to tme regarding Nominatons and Appointments. 

  1. The Mission of the N&A Commitee 

The primary purpose of the N&A Commitee is to enhance the quality-of-service delivery to the IEEE  members; by scoutng for and atractng capable and talented members to volunteer for positons of  leadership in the Kerala Secton and its Sub-Units. 

  1. N&A Process 
  2. Appointment of the N&A Commitee: The Secton Chair, with the approval of the secton  Executve Commitee, shall consttute the Secton N&A Commitee. Secton N&A Commitee will  manage the overall nominaton process.  

The Subsectons and Society Chapters may appoint separate N&A for the Subunits. All other  points mentoned hereunder will apply to the Subunits also. The Secton N&A Commitee will  manage the nominaton process of those sub-OUs which do not appoint N&A Commitees. 

  1. Membership: A Nominatons and Appointments Commitee (N&A) with a minimum of 3  members shall be appointed by the Secton Chair with the approval of the Secton Executve  Commitee. Members of the N&A Commitee shall be Past Chairs of the Secton. Immediate Past  Chair will preferably be the Chair of the Commitee. At least one member shall be from the  Subsectons under the Secton. 

Secton sub-OUs shall have an N&A commitee with minimum 3 members. These members shall  preferably be past Chairs, and they will not be eligible to apply for any positon in the Subunit for  the following year. 

  1. Criteria and Qualificatons: The N&A Commitees will prescribe criteria and qualificatons for  each positon that comes under their purview. 
  2. Solicit Applicatons: The N&A Commitee will solicit nominatons from members and encourage  specific members or members in general to apply for various positons. 
  3. Confidentality: N&A will ensure privacy and provide facilites for the members to apply in  confidence. Unless they are contestng electons or are nominated, their names and identtes  will not be revealed. The meetngs of the N&A commitees will not be recorded, nor will the  minutes or discussion be revealed by any member.
  4. Selecton: N&A Commitees will select the appropriate persons for each positon. This process  may involve consultatons, evaluatons, contactng individuals as the commitee may deem  necessary. The whole process has to be conducted confidentally. Slate prepared by the N&A  Commitee will be communicated to the Secton membership. 
  5. Electons: For the positons that come under electons, the N&A commitee will select one or  more persons for each positon and electon will be conducted, when more than one person are  nominated for a positon. For Secton and subunits with a votng membership of 500 or more,  Commitee may suggest more than one candidate as far as possible, to encourage a healthy  democratc style of functoning. 
  6. Petton Candidate: Those who had applied for a positon but were not nominated may stand as petton candidates for the corresponding positon, provided they get a sufficient number of endorsements. Secton N&A Commitee will invite nominatons by petton. To be valid, the  

petton candidate should have served as a votng member in the Secton executve commitee  for at least one year in the last 5 years and the petton must be endorsed by 25 (twenty-five)  votng members or 2% of the votng membership, whichever is fewer. 

  1. Conductng Electons: A Tellers commitee will be nominated by the Chair and approved by the  Executve commitee of the Secton. The Tellers commitee will conduct the electon process and  declare results. There will be only one Tellers Commitee for the Secton and all its sub-units.  This is to ease the votng process for the members. 
  2. Nominated Positons: The N&A Commitee will solicit applicatons and encourage members to  apply for the nominated positons. N&A Commitee will share the received nominatons to Chair  of the corresponding Secton/ sub-OU for further processing. 
  3. Timeline 
  • Consttuton of Secton N&A Commitee – By First Executve Commitee meetng  Consttuton of N&A for sub-OUs and Tellers Commitee – 1st Sept  
  • Call for nominatons – 1st Oct. 
  • Receive Completed Nominatons – 20th Oct. 
  • List of candidates to be published – 30th Oct. 
  • Notce calling for Petton candidates – 5th Nov. 
  • Pettons to be received by – 15th Nov. 
  • Withdrawal of nominatons – 20th Nov 
  • Final Slate of Candidates to be released – 25th Nov. 
  • Electons – 5th to 25th Dec 
  • Result Announcement – Latest by 30th Dec 

4.5 Positons available in the Secton/ sub-OUs for electon / nominaton 

This list can be changed from tme to tme by resolutons in the Secton Executve Commitee 


1 Secton Chair – Elected 

2 Secton Vice Chair – Elected 

3 Secton Secretary – Elected 

4 Secton Treasurer – Elected 


1 Subsecton Chair – Elected 

2 Subsecton Vice Chair – Elected 

3 Subsecton Secretary – Elected 

4 Subsecton Treasurer – Elected 

5 Other Subsecton Officials – Nominated 

Technical Society/Council Chapters  

1 Chapter Chair – Elected 

2 Chapter Vice Chair – Elected 

3 Chapter Secretary – Elected 

4 Other Chapter officials – Nominated. 

Affinity Groups  

1 Chair – Elected 

2 Vice Chair – Elected 

3 Secretary – Elected 

4 Other AG officials – Nominated. 

Standing Commitees 

Chair – Nominated 

Other Standing Commitee members – Nominated. 

Amendments to Operatons Manual 

Amendments to or revocaton of the Operatons Manual shall be made as per the majority decision  of the Secton Executve Council.