SDLP-24 Speakers


The guidelines for the conduct of the SDLP2024

  1. The request for the SDLP lecture should originate from the respective IEEE SB, endorsed by the SB Counselor, to IEEE KS (IKS). Prior approval is to be taken in all cases from IKS SDLP Chair, after scheduling the talk at the institute with the concurrence of the speaker.
  2. The travel expenses from the source station of the speaker, as per the home/office address, to the nearby destination station of the institute, by train (limited to the II AC/AC Chair Car train fare), and the taxi fare from the home/office of the speaker to the nearest source station to be reimbursed by IEEE Kerala Section, to the respective SB only. No advance payment will be made in this regard. The host institute (the SB counselor) must submit the proof of travel to the IKS officials (IKS Chair, Treasurer & SDLP Chair, with cc to IKS office– : Kind attn: Ms Rohini Sanoj, 94004 37377) within 10 days from the date of the talk and the travel expenses to be reimbursed to the respective SB account only. Hence, student branches are requested to support the lecture in full, and get reimbursement from IKS for the train/taxi fare (limited to Rs.5000/-) later on. The SBs are also advised to share one or two photos of the event, along with a short note indicating the speaker, topic, attendance, and date of the talk with the SDLP Chair; and update the event at the IEEE website using vTools.
  3. The local travel expenses from the nearest destination railway station to the college/institution to be met by the respective IEEE SB.
  4. If the originating station and the destination of the SDLP speaker are NOT connected by train, prior approval is to be sought from the IKS SDLP Chair for other modes of conveyance. The maximum expense to be borne by IEEE KS per talk is limited as Rs.5000/-. Prior approval from the IKS SDLP Chair is essential if the travel expense to be met by IKS exceeds Rs.5000/-
  5. The expense of the memento and the local hospitality, including accommodation if needed, are to be met by the host institute.
  6. The maximum number of SDLP-2024 speakers is limited to 25. One speaker can engage max. 3 talks/per year. Also, a student branch can host a maximum of 2 SDLP talks in 2024. However, IEEE SBs are free to conduct more SDLP talks, if they can bear the entire expense themselves. As far as possible, all talks under SDLP2024 to be completed by December 2024.