SDLP is an initiative of IEEE Kerala Section to support the student branches and other IEEE subunits in Kerala in terms of technical expertise for talks, workshops, tutorials, seminars and conferences.  The objective of SDLP is to increase the outreach of the Section and update members and student members on technologies. As part of this, SDLP maintains a list of distinguished speakers in the area of interests to IEEE. SDLP will support the requesting units in making available the appropriate speakers. SDLP will also support the beneficiary units financially for availing the facility. Any unit of IEEE subsection, student branches, society chapters, or cluster of members can use this facility. Requesting unit has to send a request to Section SDLP coordinator in the specified template. SDLP coordinator will in turn confirm the convenience of the speaker(s) on the specified subject.  Once confirmed by the speaker, the SDLP coordinator will intimate the requesting unit on this. The request for SDLP, feedback from unit, and bill submission must be made online. To and fro travel charges (limited to 2T AC train ticket fare) of the speaker and honorarium* will be reimbursed by Kerala Section.  For operational convenience, these may be paid to the speaker by the beneficiary unit and will be reimbursed to the beneficiary unit within two weeks. Local hospitality like local conveyance, food, accommodation etc. is to be borne by the beneficiary unit. On completion of the program the beneficiary unit shall submit the event report that includes photos, along with the bill and feedback on the talk with speaker rating, to the SDLP coordinator. SDLP coordinator will recommend payment to the beneficiary unit, which will be effected by the Section Treasurer. In the case of student branch, the requestor has to be the Branch counselor/ branch Chairman, and the request is to be routed through LINK. LINK will do the prioritization of requests based on various parameters, including First-come-first-serve basis. In the case of societies, the requestor has to be the Chairman/Secretary of the society. In the case of subsection/ local units, the Chairman/ secretary/ In-charge of the unit can request for SDLP.
Call for SDLP shall be done three times a year (February/June/October) to conduct the program for the next three months following the call. The proposal for SDLP in the format given below may be forwarded to the SDLP coordinator  as email .


Click here to download SDLP Speakers List


SDLP Registration form

Expected date for conducting SDLP in Student Branch. Note : The date may vary depend upon the availability of speakers.


Contact :-

Shanu N
SDLP Coordiantor
Assitant Professor in Electronics and Commnication
College of Engineering
ph: 9446702207