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Volunteer Tool

IEEE Center for Leadership Excellence

The Center for Leadership Excellence (CLE) offers a ‘one stop’ training solution designed to serve the multiple and diverse range of IEEE user communities. From volunteers, non-volunteers to students, members, and conference organizers, the site offers a simpler and effective learning experience.


How to access?

Simply log in with your IEEE account at:

Volunteers can access volunteer role descriptions and training. Action Plans are available for those interested in or holding an officer role and additional recommended content based on position is also available!


There’s more!

View the FAQs to get all the answers you need!

For IEEE vTools Tutorials training, you may also visit: for more information.



If you have any questions regarding IT Tool use after training, you can send your questions to: or reach out to Ewell Tan at: directly for assistance.



In order to maintain viability and to ensure that all Geographic Units are meeting the needs of their members, each unit is required by the Member and Geographic Activities (MGA) Board to submit annual reports of the following:

For more information, please refer to IEEE MGA webpage at:

Principles of Business Conduct and Conflict of Interest:


Guidelines to Use IEEE Region 10 Logo [Download]

IEEE Region 10 recognizes the importance of brand consistency to help build awareness, solidify brand recognition and to foster standardization.

Please refer to the following guidelines for the use of IEEE Region 10 logo and its brand name:-

  1. IEEE Region 10 logo shall only be used in official IEEE Region 10’s business or IEEE Region 10 wholly-owned technical or professional events, conferences, meetings, publications, materials, publicity, programs and promotional literature and products; and shall be displayed prominently.
  2. IEEE Region 10 logo must be used in alignment with the IEEE Master Brand and Brand Identity Toolkit Agreement.
  3. The official IEEE Region 10 logo can be downloaded from IEEE Region 10 official website. Any deformed, modified, hand drawn version are not permitted to use.
  4. IEEE Region 10 logo shall not be modified in any manner, and shall align with Global Page Elements and Branding Requirements and IEEE Geographic Communities Identity Guidelines.
  5. IEEE Region 10 logo may be printed in any one color specification stated on the IEEE Brand Identity Guidelines. It shall not be printed in several colors.
  6. IEEE Region 10 logo shall not be obscured by any other design or letter.
  7. In the event that IEEE Region 10 logo is used in conjunction with the IEEE Master Brand logo, the IEEE Master Brand logo must be given equal or greater prominence in the design layout. It shall comply with IEEE Brand Identity Reference Quick.
  8. When IEEE Region 10 logo is used with other logo of an entity within IEEE, IEEE Region 10 logo shall be at least the same size as other logo(s) or preferably larger or with greater prominence. Reasonable size display adjustment may be acceptable when used with other IEEE society’s logo, as depending on participation involvement.


IEEE Region 10 logo is an asset of IEEE brand. Your adherence to these guidelines guarantees the continued integrity and our shared commitment to the brand.

The following are two versions of IEEE Region 10 logo available for download. By downloading the files, users are agreeing to abide by the IEEE Master Brand and Brand Identity Toolkit Agreement, as well as the terms listed above.



IEEE Region 10 Logo is available for download:

  • Download IEEE Region 10 Logo, click here
  • Download IEEE Region 10 Logo – text only, click here

* If you require another file or format, please email Ewell Tan at



IEEE Region 10 Webinar: A Dialogue session with IEEE Management Council Speakers

*organized by 2019-2020 R10 Strategic Planning Committee [Flyer]

Presentation Materials:-

  1. IEEE Chief Information Officer, Dr. Cherif Amirat
  2. IEEE MGA Managing Director, Cecelia Jankowski
  3. IEEE Educational Activities Managing Director, Jamie Moesch
  4. IEEE Technical Activities, Mary Ward-Callan

Please visit the recorded webinar on IEEE Region 10 Facebook page at:

Or, IEEE WebEx recorded link at:


IEEE Region 10 Event Funding Portal

*developed and prepared by 2019-2022 R10 Information Management Committee

This is an integrated comprehensive management service that consolidate multiple events in Region 10 and enables OUs to view and submit proposals for R10 events which are organized and led by multiple R10 Chairs, at any given time.

Please visit:

Download: User Guide


IEEE Region 10 Orientation Materials

*prepared by 2021-2022 R10 Strategic Planning and New Initiatives Committee

  • Introduction and Program of Region 10 Orientation
  • Module 2: General Awareness
  • Module 3: Effective Leadership of Committee
  • Module 4: Develop 2021 Plans

[Access Orientation Materials (password required)]


2021 R10 Governance Training Webinar